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e.s.t. “Live in Hamburg” ist das “Jazz Album of the Decade”

51M8P7QmY6L._SL160_AA115_.jpgDie London Times hat das aus meiner Sicht wunderbare Album „Live in Hamburg“ von e.s.t. zum „Jazz Album of the Decade“ gekürt. Die anderen Platzierungen waren:

  1. Live in Hamburg by e.s.t.
  2. East/West Live by Bill Frisell
  3. The Soul of Things by Tomasz Stanko
  4. A Night in Paris by Diana Krall
  5. The Joni Letters by Herbie Hancock
  6. My One and Only Thrill by Melody Gardot
  7. Live in Tokyo by Brad Mehldau
  8. Out Louder by Medeski Scofield Martin and Wood
  9. Mythologies by Patricia Barber
  10. Metamorphosen by Branford Marsalis

Weitere News zu den verbleibenden Musikern von e.s.t. gibt es auch. Der Bassist Dan Berglund hat eine neue Band mit dem Namen „tonbruket“ gegründet und wird am 22. Januar diesen Jahres das erste Album veröffentlichen. Man darf also gespannt sein!

SetTerminalStyle Tool for

terminalapp.pngSome time ago I found a small AppleScript from the blog of the Omni Group that allowed to use shell command sensitive use of styles. That script allowed the definition of different styles in that would be activated when a special command was used in the shell. You could define one style for ssh, one style for vim and another style for using sudo commands. This script got broken when updating to Snow Leopard. Today I decided to give the ScriptingBridge framework a try and to transform this AppleScript into a small command line tool. The result is now available from Google Code. I’ve also added two additional features:

  • The tool can return the active setting so that the shell can restore the old style when having completed the command.
  • It can return a list of all styles defined in

Have fun!

In the meantime I found out that the Omni Group had already fixed the script and made it compatible with Snow Leopard again: setterminalstyle-v2. Under these circumstances lets see this project as a little practice using the ScriptingBridge framework 🙂